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Classic series of high-count Fabric

Classic series of high-count Fabric
Supplier : Jiangsu Sunshine Group
Tel : +86-510- 86121888
Address : Sunshine industry park, Xinqiao Town, JiangYin City, Jiangsu Province

Product Detail

Classic series of high-count Fabric, selecting high-quality Australian Merino wool, produced by advanced spinning, weaving, finishing etc special process. bright and clean surface, clear texture and pattern, smooth and luxury handfeel, fine drapability, natural luster. products from 100s-300s single and double high count yarn is the ideal high-grade Fabric suits.


Other Products

  • We combined different materials and different lines, developed a series of worsted and woolen yarn mixed or interweaving, double face, fancy yarn, jacquard, printing and other Fabrics.

  • includes single and double-face Fabric, pure wool or wool blended Fabric, and can match any color according to different requirements, surface is fine and generous, handfeel is rich and soft, tight thick but flexible with stretch, it’s an excellent choice to produce high-end fashion Garments for autumn and winter.

  • COM4 WOOL compact spinning is the world's most advanced spinning technology. Comparing with the traditional wool Fabric it has the unique characteristics and novelty, clear surface, natural luster, soft and fine handfeel, good draping. the clothes made by this kind of Fabric have good performance on pilling, abrasion and crease resistance and air permeability.

  • including stretch Fabric, nano finishing Fabric, super black Fabric, anti-wrinkle Fabric, machine washable Fabric, anti-odor and anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet and anti-radiation Fabric etc.

  • cashmere is known as "natural soft gold", combined with superb finishing process, products have mellow color, clear texture and suface, fine handfeel, good elasticity, rich luster. After anti-static treatment, it has perfect anti-static function. The Garment made from cashmere wool Fabric is lightweight clothing, soft and good performace on keeping warm.